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    JoLiDAR 2.0 Version is here!

    JOUAV has released a new series of LiDAR 2.0 products, which have been upgraded in five dimensions: team, hardware, software, delivery, and after-sales. The miniaturization and light-weighting have brought different levels of improvement to high-precision surveying and mapping operations. Team JOUAV has always attached great importance to the construction and training of talents. Chairman Ren […]

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    Brand NEW CW-15M is coming!

    JOUAV CW-15M was released! CW-15M refers to two UAVs, CW-15F meaning VTOL fixed wing and CW-15Q meaning quadrotors and their 8 payload bays. M represents Matrix, which means multiple options of drones and payload bays, and they can be matched flexiblely according to your needs. All payloads are integrated in a simple and effective way, […]

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