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    Through continuous technology innovation, the CW Series UAS currently has seven UAV platforms with a maximum take-off weight of 6.8Kg to 100Kg. The product has high stability and the power mode is pure electric or hybrid. Modular design, autonomous flight, vertical takeoff and landing, CW series can work in complex terrain such as mountains, hills and jungles.

    CW Series Products


    A VTOL fixed wing UAV platform with exceptional payload capability (up to 20KG).


    Stable structure, large payload and long endurance UAV platform, diversified mission compartments for choice.

    CW-25 NEW

    Long endurance and large payload UAV platform, great performance on the plateau.


    The innovative VTOL layout brings us higher efficiency and stability.

    CW-15 NEW

    Folding arms, no need of disassembly, further improving the reliability and convenience of the drone.


    Modular, portable & integrated UAV platform for multiple purposes.

    CW-007 New

    A portable, integrated UAV platform that delivers exceptional reliability to our customers.

    Optional Payload Choices

    JOUAV® has extensive payload choices for different kinds of UAV platform, including LiDAR system, industrial aerial camera, oblique camera system, gimbal system and SAR, which can be applied in more industries.



    "With years of experience in flight control and navigation system, unmanned aircraft design and system integration, We have built complete civil-grade UAV turn key solutions."

    Janet Peng,Overseas Sales Director

    CW Series ProductsNo GCP Photogrammetry SystemSpectrum SystemOblique Aerial Photography SystemLiDAR SystemISR System
    UAV Platform
    Not Provided

    Industrial Solution

    CW series VTOL fixed-wing UAVs are widely applied in Construction Site Monitoring, Railway Track, Pipeline Inspection, Observation and Reconnaissance, Water Conservancy, Marine Surveillance, Wildlife Monitoring,etc.
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